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It's A New Day!
                                                         I was impressed with Ron's sincerity.  His selection of songs will be a blessing to you."  

                                                      Bailey E. Smith
                                                      Bailey Smith Evangelism
                                                      Atlanta, Georgia

                                                      Dear Listening Friend,
                                                      After working in the music industry for nearly 30 years and walking with Christ
                                                      for nearly 20, it's been a joy for me to spend time in the recording studio with Rev.                      
                                                      Ron Aldridge.  God's anointing presence filled the sessions, and gave life to every song
                                                      we  tackled.  Of particular interest is Ron's own composition, "Face to Face."  After
                                                      God breathed that song into Ron's spirit, Ron called me on my cell phone and sang it to
                                                      me,  just as he'd received it.  I had to pull over to the side of the road, because glory filled
                                                      car, and tears filled my eyes, as the message filled my heart.  Within a matter
                                                       of days we'd gotten to work in the studio, to bring that song and message to you.
                                                       Listen  prayerfully, and I know you'll hear what I heard!

                                                          Rev. Mark Minervino
                                                          MKM Studios, Cary NC

                    My friend, Pastor Ron, sings for the glory of God. You will
                    love his music and messages in song. He will minister to your heart   
                    May the Lord bless and use his music to you who listen, is
                    my prayer.
                    All Because of Calvary,
                    C.Sumner Wemp
                    Dallas, Texas                           
                                            Ron loves the Lord and sings from his heart to lift up Jesus.  I have            
                                            enjoyed his music and I believe that you will too.

                                            Gordon West
                                            Associational Missionary
                                            Sandy Creek Baptist Association
                                            Sanford, North Carolina
                                            "I would like to recommend my friend Ron
                                             Aldridge to you. He is a good and effective
                                             pastor who happens to sing also.  He has just
                                             released a new CD and I trust it will be a
                                             blessing to those who hear it."

                                             Evangelist Junior Hill
                                              Hartselle, Alabama

                                          Ron has a real passion for the gospel whether he
                                          is singing or preaching. I encourage you to use
                                          him, he will be a blessing to your people.

                                          Pastor Johnny Hunt
                                          First Baptist Church
                                          Woodstock, Georgia


                                          As a minister I have come to understand the power of song to minister to the                     
                                          soul.  It is an honor to highly recommend Ron Aldridge to you.  He is
                                          not only a fellow minister and brother in Christ, but a dear friend.  Not
                                          only will he minister through song, but he will clearly present the gospel.

                                          Pastor, Randy Queen
                                         As a Pastor, I have seen Ron from his heart in how
                                         he enjoys being used by God.  In his many talents I find his
                                         singing, soul piercing and heart soothing as God puts use
                                         the talents He has blessed Ron with.  God has blessed  Ron with
                                         singing talent as well as speaking skills in how he addresses
                                         the audience and congregation. I have seen strike the balance
                                         needed to reach hearts when Ron speaks and sings to his audiences.
                                         Those fortunate enough to be the recipient of God's ministry through
                                         Ron will leave  fulfilled and blessed.

                                         In Christ,           
                                         Pastor Ted J. Wilkins

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