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Ron Aldridge Ministries     
About Ron                                                                          
Ron was born and raised in Kentucky, where he grew up in a
small Baptist Church. He asked Jesus to be his Lord and Savior at
the age of 17.  In his teen years, he discovered that God had given
him a gift to sing and Ron began singing in his church choir. Ron
has used music as a part of his ministry since becoming a pastor
and evangelist. Ron is married to Sherry and their family consists
of a daughter Sheila, a son Michael, and two wonderful
grandchildren: Tres and Samantha, as well as four great-grandchildren;
Peyton, Aubrey and Griffin, and Ella. Ron believes that other than
his commitment to Christ, his most important commitment is to
his family,followed by his commitment to his church. Ron shares
the gospel and a personal witness in every concert. He formed Ron
Aldridge Ministries to answer God's call to use his talents to reach
the lost and encourage the saints

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